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Ewa Kolodziejska MA
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Ewa Kolodziejska is one of the most popular international acting coaches based in London, and "best kept secret" in the industry.

She coaches mainly professional actors, however has vast experience teaching acting to people of all levels of education, including primary, secondary, undergraduate, university, postgraduate and MA. She also enjoys working on set.

Ewa was born and bred in London, but is multi-lingual. Her life-long love of theatre meant that she trained as an actress for 5 years, in some of the world's top Drama Schools, Arts Educational, LAMDA, and RADA. In 2010 she completed her MA in Actor Training and Coaching at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Her ongoing research into the psychology behind acting has led her to currently investigate the science of success: a practical tool that promises higher success rates for actors.

What makes her stand out is her ethos and raison d'etre. Having a father who was a life coach, meant that she grew up with not only a very positive outlook on life, and a unique awareness of the human psyche and 21st century life coaching, but more importantly it has had a direct impact on her as a working practitioner. Ewa is not only passionate about life, but above all about people, which is the main reason why she is drawn to the theatre. Her driving force is in showing actors that self-belief is the key to success.


As a private acting coach, Ewa works one on one with clients, professionals, those in training, and beginners. She works in her own studio at home, and anywhere she is called out to: theatres, rehearsal rooms/studios, and on sets of films.

For your convenience you can book your one on one coaching with Ewa using Skype too.

Private coaching is tailor made to suit each individual's personal needs and goals.

Please contact Ewa to have a FREE telephone consultation.

Ewa offers honest and practical feedback that ensures each actor reaches their ultimate potential, whether it be through acting coaching, life coaching or both.

Ewa has coached actors who are in theatre, musical theatre, film, radio, dancers and presenters.

Terms and Conditions:
Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If a client should cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the fee for the session will need to be paid in full. Ewa will always attempt to reschedule your appointment.


Ewa is a visiting lecturer at some of Britain's most prestigious Drama Schools and Higher Education institutions. She is regularly invited abroad to lecture and coach. Her most recent visits include:

  • The Actors' Centre
  • Identity School of Acting
  • Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Rose Bruford College
  • Fourth Monkey
  • Clerkenwell Actors Studio
  • National Youth Theatre
  • London Film Academy
  • Go Hub
  • ICAT
  • Italia Conti


"Ewa has single-handedly changed my world. I was struggling with self-acceptance, and from our first session together, I was immediately reminded of how integral it is to love myself as I am. As remarkably insightful, considerate, passionate, as she is hysterically funny, I have adored, and continue to adore, every minute I spend with Ewa. Her insight, empathy, and ability to really see you, is emblematic of the wisdom she graciously and generously imparts on myself and others. Besides a better actor, she makes me a better human-being. If you are an artist who seeks the truth in themselves and the work, then to do anything other than allow her into your life, is the grandest disservice I can think of. I am nothing but grateful for Ewa being in my life." - Louie Threlfall
"Wow, it's quite hard to put into words what I've experienced in the session with Ewa. It was like a super intense and deep trip full of powerful teachings. It cuts straight down to the core. She doesn't waste time, neither mine nor hers. She sees you. And I mean, she SEES YOU. She's a live bubbling source of colourful mother like energy that looks into you, floats through you and gently pushes you on the right wave. It's HERE and NOW, it's spiritual. Most importantly, she works with love and knows how to empower. I feel very grateful and I know this experience will stay with me forever." - Daiva Dominyka
"I was lucky enough to find Ewa at a point in my career when I really needed someone to bolster my self confidence. The way in which Ewa works is so passionate and genuine, it's impossible to come out of a class or one to one session and not feel 100% more confident! Since working with her and putting her methods into practice, I have benefitted from a renewed energy and a far more positive outlook on my career and my personal life, and I'm finding I'm much more successful in auditions. I would urge any actor to endeavour to work with her, as I can absolutely say that she has changed my life both professionally and personally." - Paige Wilson
"When I first came to Ewa, I was mainly looking for an acting teacher that would help me become a better performer. What I found was much more than that. She made me realise it all comes down to having confidence in yourself - not only in acting, but in life, too.
I look forward to every session we have, for I know I'll leave inspired and motivated to work harder - on acting as well as myself. She knows exactly what you need in order to become a better actor and human being. It's much more than teaching - it's guiding you towards reaching your full potential. That takes great skill and is an immeasurable service.
Her method WORKS but only if you fully commit yourself to the journey and her homework. But when you do - your eyes open to a whole new world of joy and opportunities. Her presence in my life has created an amazingly positive change and I could not recommend her highly enough." - Eliza Perraine
"Ewa is such a vibrant energetic teacher with a massive zest for life and a passion for getting the best out of her actors. Her work on Own Your Sh*t! has been such a breath of fresh air and has given me a new perspective on my acting which is both sustainable and effective. Ewa's coaching has really injected massive amounts of fun into my performance because I've learnt not to take myself too seriously. Ultimately and most important I was reminded I am enough!" - Alisha Dyer-Spence
"Ewa is an essential, positive force in any rehearsal room. Clarity of both perception and purpose is vital to the success of any theatrical endeavour, be it a simple workshop or a full blooded West End production, and Ewa has a superb knack for imbuing her actors with confidence and belief in what they're doing. The word inspiration has become, sadly, a very overused compliment in the theatre industry but in Ewa's case it is wholly deserved. Ewa has inspired my own work to new heights and I'd employ her help again in a heartbeat!" - Sam Devereaux
"My experience of Ewa both as an acting coach during my time at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and director (John and Jen, Rosemary Branch Theatre) was that of a supportive, strong, focussed, reliable and infinitely professional creative. Ewa manages to encompass direct honesty with support in a way not many directors and coaches can - something so important to an actor who wants to grow and improve by acknowledging weaknesses and/or problems in a supportive environment. I love Ewa's passion for theatre in all its forms and her embrace for acting as an alive artform is infectious. Love acting, love Ewa!" - Tom Keeling
"Working with Ewa was like a breath of fresh air. She produced exciting results with each member of the group as we worked together on sight-reading skills and left us feeling confident to put into practise what we had learned. I had a fantastic time working with her and would do so again at the drop of a hat! Ewa is a highly skilled acting coach who has an infectious energy and enthusiasm rarely found elsewhere." - Claire Sharpe
"During my time working with the professional and incomparable Ewa Kolodziejska I learned a variety of acting styles to choose from for developing my own audition technique. Her forward-thinking approach is mind blowing and she can really inspire you to take risks to delve into a character's psyche. I would recommend Ewa to any hard-working performer looking to broaden their acting horizons and explore deeper into their art." - Röisín Nuala Brehony
"I have worked with Ewa Kolodziejska many times, both as a director and as an acting coach. She is an actor's dream. I first worked with her when I was playing the Witch in Into the Woods. She pushed me beyond just singing and looking beautiful to a well-rounded performance that received amazing praise and earned me a nomination for Sondheim's Performer of the Year. I know I owe a lot to Ewa as she let me push the boundaries and helped me make smart, detailed choices. In her masterclasses, Ewa is always creative. She is full of fun ideas and new games that not only challenge you as an actor but give you a workout! She is hands on, creative, and always has something new to explore and learn just waiting for you. I next worked with her on John & Jen the musical, it was incredible. She pushed me to places I never thought I could go. She expected more of me than I did of myself, because she knew I could do it. She also finds things in the material I would never even dream of finding. I also felt the ease and ability to make my own choices. Never would she tell me anything was wrong, because it isn't, it can just be refined and focused. She never gives up, and her belief in her students never falters. She is one of my absolute favourite people in the world both in and out of the rehearsal studio. Thank you Ewa." - Kendra McMillan
"Ewa is an inspirational mentor and tutor who cares about every individual both personally and professionally. The positivity and energy that I achieved from working with Ewa will continue to enhance my acting as I further my career and through life. Definitely some of the most worthwhile and rewarding work I have done!" - Danielle Weir
"Ewa was absolutely incredible to work with. Having been taught by her for a week, I left with a completely different outlook on not only my career and abilities, but also on who I am. Full of positivity and confidence boosters, her ability as a teacher and colleague has taught me lessons that I will carry through my life. She is personable, generous with her skills and knowledge and an all round inspiring woman. Ewa not only teaches, but leads you to question everything; your past, present and future in order to grow as a person. It was one of the most valuable experiences I have had to date, and I know that her lessons will not only help me to succeed in the performing industry, but cause me to grow with confidence in who I am." - Elle Cunningham
"Ewa's gentle and nurturing approach allowed me to connect almost immediately with a character and text both naturally and safely, in the intimate and playful working atmosphere she so wonderfully creates. I highly recommend her coaching style." - Jenny O'Neill
"I had a really great experience working with Ewa, as part of an intensive week in my training at Rose Bruford college. We were working on audition technique and sight-reading in particular and she was great at simplifying things down and making the process really fun and therefore way less nerve racking. I am continuing to use everything I learnt in that week, and will do for a long time I'm sure. I'm very much looking forward to working with her again because I know it will be really useful and a really good time." - Charlotte Dearing
"I had a (sadly) brief but amazingly useful experience with Ewa. Her direction on our scene (for the Central School of Speech and Drama MA Screen Acting end of year showcase) was refreshing and really confidence-inspiring. She saw what it needed immediately and was spot on at articulating it. I'd recommend her to anyone interested in bettering their craft." - Jennie Gruner
"Working with Ewa was such a great experience for me. In just a week I learnt things about acting that In nearly 5 years of training I hadn't learnt before. I gained so many valuable techniques to use not only when auditioning but in everything I do, acting related or not. Not only did I learn a huge amount but I also had so much fun, Ewa is a great person to work with, she is fun, dedicated and interesting, and I can't wait to work with her again!" - Gloria Rowe
"Working with Ewa is pure joy. Her style is the perfect blend of nurture and to-the-point critique. As an actor, I know she'll bring out a performance which simultaneously challenges me and plays to my strengths. As a producer, I know the result of her sessions will be confidently prepared actors giving fully nuanced, organic performances that--most importantly--connect with the audience. She is an artistic asset and simply a wonderful person to have around." - Colin Waitt
"From the minute Ewa walked into the class, she had earned the respect of the whole room, Ewa has a contagious enthusiasm matched with the determined work ethic that EVERYONE will walk away from the session taking more than what they came in with. It was a pleasure to work with someone who lived and breathed theatre and was so eager to share with us as much knowledge possible. Ewa was able to teach the whole group whilst always tailoring material to each individual, she challenged, stretched and expanded what I thought I could do and gave me tips and advice that I could carry away with me and apply not only to my career but to everyday life as well. The relationship Ewa creates with her students means that after the session is over, you know you have made a connection that you will value and treasure. I am currently looking to audition for Masters programmes and Ewa is my first point of call for audition prep and advice." - Cassandra O'Reilly
"I found it a complete joy to work with Ewa. She is fun and hard working and really brought out a confidence in me that I didn't realise I had- or needed for auditions! Every class we had with Ewa was an energy lifter and I believe that myself and my class completely benefited from her teaching, and have asked for her to come back to teach us again." - Hannah Peaker
"Ewa is a highly gifted teacher that shows you how the 'successful people' go into an audition and get the part. She taught our class how to sight-read with her step-by-step method and the results were amazing. By the end of the week we could lift the text from the page in an imaginative and energised way that made me realise the potential for auditions, inspiring me not to settle for the obvious. This combined with her advice on audition preparation, etiquette and crucially believing in yourself, Ewa's positively infectious attitude is a reminder that Confidence really is key." - George Boullin
"Ewa, i had a wonderful week with you, your teaching is detailed and personal and you tend to each individuals needs, your work on confidence is so useful. i would work with you again in a heartbeat." - stephen papaioannou
"I have nothing but praise for Ewa's work and commitment. I worked with her on occasion during my time at the Central School of Speech and Drama, but most recently she provided her expertise on an independently produced short film. As screen actors, we called on Ewa specifically as the main problem was with finding the emotional truth throughout the script. The piece was beautifully written, but without proper attention to detail and emotional truth could so easily have fallen flat. Ewa ensured energy levels were kept high throughout both the rehearsal and shooting process, and helped my screen partner and I truly plot the emotional detail in each line of text. Ewa is such a skilled coach, and so easy to work with. She ensured that at no point were we ever in 'performance mode'; but simply alive in the moment, free, and responding truthfully to the situation in front of us - golden advice, but so easy to forget once the cameras are on." - Martin Cowan"
"As a student who considers herself dyslexic, i find the thought of sight-reading terrifying. As an aspiring actress, i know sight-reading will be an inevitable part of my professional life when auditioning. During Ewa's workshop i was immediately put at easy and felt safe to make mistakes. Ewa helped me over come sight reading by giving me advice and tips which i have been putting into practice ever since. I found the workshop really helped me build my confidence and would recommend Ewa to anyone." - Katie Edwards
"After one week with Ewa sight-reading made a lot more sense and I found myself a lot more confident with my audition technique. I now know that there is much more in my control than I once thought and I can't wait to work with her again." - Matthew Kirk
"Ewa's classes have made me realize that in this profession, we are all just people. There is no need to feel intimidated by a panel when they should want to work with you as much as you want to work with them. She has brought a new sense of confidence out in me as a person, which in turn will influence my acting. Her energetic passion for theater is enticingly contagious." - Esti MacInnes
"Working with Ewa was fantastic, in only a few short sessions my confidence grew hugely and i now feel ready and excited about going to auditions after finishing college. Ewa's approach to coaching is so friendly that you don't feel on edge or stupid to try anything, and i really look forward to working with her again." - Bryony Livesey
"Working with Ewa was always fun and insightful. The way in which she taught us such simple yet fail proof audition technique and sight reading skills already has and will continue to further me as a performer and a person. Ewa brings a great vibe and sense of ease to any room which she is in, it was a joy to work with such a talented yet down to earth theatre practitioner." - Iggy Scott
"In February Ewa came to Rose Bruford to teach ATA 1 'Audition Technique' . She focused on basic audition etiquette, techniques to make us stand out from the rest and ways to boost our self-confidence. Since working with Ewa, I now view auditions completely differently to how I did before. Before walking into an audition I think to myself, 'these people want me to do well. They want me to be the person they are looking for.' Working with Ewa has changed the way I will look at auditions for the rest of my career." - Georgia Ringwood
"Ewa was a fantastic, inspirational acting coach. Whilst teaching at Rose Bruford College, she took the time to really get to know us individually as she taught our class of American Theatre Arts students. She spent time concentrating on everybody individually, working on how to prepare for an audition, how to be professional and how to be unique whilst showcasing your best talents. Ewa chose a monologue for us all that fit our characteristics as performers, and worked with us, in order to help us be as successful in auditions as possible. Ewa's advice will continually stick with me throughout my career and I know I can always approach her if I need help in the future." - Katie Spencer
"Working with Ewa not only provided me with a new way of approaching my work as an actor whether that be sight-reading or audition technique, but an energy, honesty and professionalism that enabled me see what it was I had to offer. Ewa puts her all in and expects that back, what I felt set her aside was her dedication and the fact she is willing to go that extra mile to get the best from each individual...she sees people as they are... The fact is it all lies within ones self confidence and if you don't believe in yourself who will..." - Laura Asare
"When I was in training I was like most, nervous and uncertain of what to expect in the industry with regards to auditions and the casting process in general. Ewa came in to work with us and from the beginning there was a sense of relief as we realised the someone really new what they were talking about! Coaching us on cold-reading, audition technique, confidence, the use of eye-contact and rapid text analysis Ewa left me far more equipped and confident in my approach to not just audition technique, but the industry in general. Her ability to take any text and pull out performances from people in a work-shop style is astounding and what's more, her way of coaching people leaves actors empowered and enlightened. I still use Ewa's techniques and advice in my auditions today and I am happy to say it seems to have worked so far! I have also often found myself one of the calmest actors in a read-through with professional companies. A professional, relaxing and inspiring acting coach whose work I will always look out for!" - Callum Hughes
"I graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama with the MA in Acting for Screen. I found Ewa's approach to be collected, intelligent but also extremely personable. Actors are very sensitive beings (and sometimes vapid) but Ewa's approach feels open and non-intimidating. She naturally finds the delicate balance of challenging the actor as well as supporting them. In the limited time we collaborated, my work never failed to improve. I've worked in film, theatre and heavily in television since leaving drama school. In a perfect selfish world, I'd be able to work with Ewa day and night on everything I do. Cannot recommend her enough." - Hamza Jeetooa